Weekly Weather Highlights: 11-17 May 2015

Barry Keim/ State Climatologist / keim@lsu.edu


Two Tornadoes Documented in South Louisiana


*      A squall line ahead of an advancing cold front produced some severe weather in Louisiana on 11 May, including a tornado in Acadia Parish and wind damage in Tangipahoa Parish.

*      The cold front continued its slow march across the State on the 12th thereby producing additional wind damage in Pointe Coupee Parish.

*      The front stalled along the coast, then lifted northward across the State as warm front on the 14th.

*      Easterly winds dominated the rest of the week, though scattered thunderstorms on 16 May triggered a tornado in Tangipahoa that was an EF-1, and caused 2 injuries.  There was a second suspected tornado in Tangipahoa Parish as well.

*      Additional thunderstorm activity on the 17th led to wind damage in Concordia and Morehouse Parishes.

*      For the week, Statewide precipitation averaged 1.50 inches, which was 0.28 inches above normal.

*      For the week, Statewide temperature averaged 76 degrees F, which was 2 degrees above normal.


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