Weekly Weather Highlights: 3-9 November 2014

Barry Keim/ State Climatologist / keim@lsu.edu


One Rain Event This Week, But Not Enough Rain


*      On 3-4 November, Louisiana received return flow from the Gulf of Mexico which drove up temperatures and humidity.

*      On 5-6 November, a cold front moved across the State, bringing widespread light rain, with a few isolated areas of rainfall over 2 inches.  Western Louisiana received considerably more rain the eastern half of the State.

*      High pressure and cool temperatures dominated the rest of the week from 7-9 November.

*      For the week, Statewide precipitation averaged 0.65 inches, which was 0.46 inches below normal.

*      For the week, Statewide temperature averaged 59 degrees F, which was 2 degrees F below normal.


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