Weekly Weather Highlights: 17-23 Apr 2017

Barry Keim/ State Climatologist / keim@lsu.edu


...Another Warm and Dry Week, but Week Ends with Cold Front...


*      A weak stationary front was positioned on the Louisiana-Arkansas border on 17-18 April, which produced scattered rain across the State.

*      Easterly winds prevailed on 19-20 April.

*      Return flow from the Gulf controlled the weather pattern on the 21st.

*      A cold front moved across Louisiana on 22 April and early on the 23rd bringing additional rain to the State, with much cooler air moving in behind the front on 23 April.

*      For the week, Statewide precipitation averaged 0.58 inches, which was 0.55 inches below normal.

*    For the week, Statewide temperature averaged 73 degrees F, which was 6 degrees F above normal.


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