Weekly Weather Highlights: 20-26 July 2015

Barry Keim/ State Climatologist / keim@lsu.edu


...Hot and Arid Conditions Starting to Take Toll in Louisiana...


*      The ridge of high pressure aloft basically remained anchored over the southeastern portion of the United States for another week.  This again created a relatively stable atmosphere over Louisiana, reducing chances for precipitation, and allowing the surface to bake in the direct sunlight.

*      Of the few thunderstorms that did form, the vast majority were generated in the eastern half of the State, and even these were highly scattered and sparse.

*      Expect the U.S. Drought Monitor to soon be thinking about “abnormally dry” conditions across parts of Louisiana.

*      For the week, Statewide precipitation averaged 0.36 inches, which was 0.78 inches below normal.

*      For the week, Statewide temperature averaged 86 degrees F, which was 3 degrees above normal.


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