Weekly Weather Highlights: 15-21 August 2016

Barry Keim/ State Climatologist / keim@lsu.edu


...Rains Adding Insult to Injury as Catastrophic Flooding Persists...


*      The storm system that produced the heavy rains last week, was absorbed by a stationary front in Texas on the 14-15 August.

*      For the most part, Louisiana experienced return flow from the Gulf of Mexico for most of the week, though some atmospheric instability led to enhanced thunderstorm activity.

*      Logged on the 15th, Grand Coutou had 11.24 inches of rainfall in a day. Bell City also had 6.38 inches on the 15th, and two day total of 8.88 on 15-16 August. Clinton also logged 7.50 inches of rain on the 16th.

*      On 16 August, high winds and damage were reported in Caddo, Lincoln, and St. Tammany Parishes.

*      Catastrophic flooding occurred from the rains of the past week, which were aggravated to a small extent by the rains of this week. Furthermore, flooding issues were still ongoing even through the end of the week.

*      For the week, Statewide precipitation averaged 3.39 inches, which was 2.41 inches above normal.

*    For the week, Statewide temperature averaged 81 degrees F, which 1 degree F below normal.


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